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  • Christian Resource
    Axtell Expressions Preschool-Grade 12
    Puppets and props for Christian educators. Steve Axtell has created puppets for Big Idea's VeggieTales, as well as many video productions including the Donut Man, and Prayer Bear with Steve Green. Visit this site to find unforgettable, top-quality puppets,...

  • Adventist Resource
    Should Harry Potter Come to Adventist Schools? Grade 3-Grade 12
    Because Harry Potter books are so popular, Adventist educators have an excellent opportunity to discuss with students and parents the influence of different kinds of reading materials. This article provides insights and suggestions on how to deal with Harry...

  • Adventist Resource
    The Screwtape Strategies - Hamstringing the Impact and Influence of Christian Schools Kindergarten-Lifelong
    "With acknowledgement to, and written in the spirit of C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape letters, using the literary device of inversion. Hopefully, the device should assist readers to gain insight into and question and critique the tactics used...

  • Christian Resource
    Twelve Reasons Not to See Harry Potter Movies Grade 3-Lifelong
    This article may be shared with students in a discussion of the Harry Potter movies and books. It presents Biblical warnings and wisdom, providing a Christian perspective from which to evaluate J.K. Rowling's record-breaking Harry Potter series. Other articles...

  • Adventist Resource
    When the ' Magic ' Goes Out of Marriage Tertiary
    The author presents practical suggestions couples can take to restore genuine joy, love and satisfaction in their marriage. It is not God's desire that we suffer in joyless relationships that breed contempt, nor should we be so quick to turn to divorce. The...