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  • Adventist Resource
    Answers for Me - Free Support for Life's Questions and Issues! Grade 9-Lifelong
    Read nuggets of practical common sense tips for holistic Christian living, organized by topic: family life, healthy living, spiritual growth, life notes, spirit renew, Bible bay, and story harvest, or search for more.

  • Adventist Resource
    Australia's Medical Marijuana Subterfuge Grade 11-Lifelong
    Medical cannabis has been legally prescribed by Australian physicians for nearly 20 years, yet in a push to legalize marijuana, the media has created the opposite illusion. “This discussion informs educators and potentially their students, particularly...

  • Adventist Resource
    Ethical Choices in the Genetic Age, Part 1: Reproductive Cloning Grade 9-Lifelong
    In Part 1 of this article, Zuccarelli discusses recent developments and ethical issues raised on the topic of reproductive cloning. He sets out to provide basic information about reproductive cloning, stem cells, and gene therapy, and suggests that three factors...

  • Adventist Resource
    Health Information Online Grade 9-Lifelong
    Looking for information about health topics, anatomy or medicine? This webpage, built by Andrews University's reference librarian Wolfhard Touchard, will guide you to the best online resources and guides on the topic.

  • Adventist Resource
    Laugh and Be Healthy Tertiary-Lifelong
    “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” – Uffindell talks about the benefits of laughter and how the body’s immune system works.

  • Adventist Resource
    Predictors of Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations in Butembo Tertiary-Lifelong
    "Having the right knowledge to act and decide has become very crucial in the 21st century and particularly for healthcare organizations where medical errors can cause millions of injuries (Ghosh & Scott, 2006). Effective knowledge management (KM) improves...

  • Adventist Resource
    Science and You: How the Space Program Has Affected Our Daily Lives Kindergarten-Lifelong
    This article from the JAE special science issue shows how science touches the lives of each one of us every day due to the space program and the development of satellites and related technology.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Big Picture Kindergarten-Lifelong
    Ben Carson shares the overarching philosophy that has shaped his life. This book focuses on the why of success, rather than the how. Carson's goal is to help readers discover God's vision for their lives, reframe their priorities, and inspire...

  • Adventist Resource
    Though Bombs May Fall Grade 9-Lifelong
    The extraordinary story of an Adventist doctor who left his lucrative medical practice to serve in Korea during the war. Out of print, but used copies available on Amazon.