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  • Adventist Resource
    JAE: Of Interest to Teachers Kindergarten-Lifelong
    This Journal of Adventist Education column features current news, reports, and updates of interest to educators. In this issue: U.S. Spending On Education; Watching Television Tied to Children's Weight Problems; Benefits of Intergenerational Tutoring;...

  • Adventist Resource
    Pacific Union Conference - Adventist Education Statement on Standards and Common Core Kindergarten-Grade 12
    This document on standards for student learning in Adventist schools includes a question and answer section regarding Common Core State Standards.

  • Adventist Resource
    PET 09-01: Panorama of Educational Thoughts Kindergarten-Grade 12
    Download Vaughn Jennings' January 2009 newsletter for Adventist teachers in North America. This edition features 9 links to technology resources, including TeacherVision, parent/teacher confereences, one-room schoolhouse resource center, technology in your...

  • Adventist Resource
    Physical Activity - A Critical Component of a Complete Education Kindergarten-Tertiary
    The role of physical activity has always had a vital place in the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education. Adventist schools should continue to propagate the values of health promotion and healthful practices, which not only increase longevity but also...

  • Adventist Resource
    The Australian Curriculum - A Look Through the Lens of Christian Education Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "The development of the Australian Curriculum is an ambitious task that involves meeting the needs of a large range of interest groups, each with its underlying philosophy and conceptualisation of what constitutes an effective and viable curriculum. The...