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  • Adventist Resource
    Between Pacifism and Patriotism - Helping Students Think About Military Options Grade 12-Tertiary
    An overview of the Adventist position on noncombatancy and conscientious objection to the draft, and the history of this stand for the purpose of helping young Adventist students today make informed choices regarding military service.

  • Adventist Resource
    Classroom Treats - Monthly Activities and More Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "Classroom Treats is an administration and monthly activity unit of devotions, poems, classroom management tips, contracts, technology-infused lessons, monthly activities, forms and more." The main collection is over 100 pages! Files also include...

  • Adventist Resource
    NAD Social Studies Curriculum Guide K-8 Kindergarten-Grade 8
    This 2005 40-page NAD curriculum guide includes the Adventist philosophy guiding Social Studies education, general goals, strands and essential learnings in history, civics and government, geography, economics, individuals, society and culture. Appendix A...

  • Adventist Resource
    Our Nation - Past and Present Grade 1-Grade 3
    "The purpose of this unit is to provide materials that will assist teachers of grades 1-3 in teaching a patriotic unit emphasizing various aspects of the United States of America. This unit is prepared for use in conjunction with the curriculum for the...

  • Christian Resource
    Songs of America - 18 Classic Songs Preschool-Grade 6
    Cedarmont Kids perform on this CD, which features songs like Yankee Doodle, Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and You're a Grand Old Flag, as well as other well-known American folk songs. Both the singing and accompaniment...