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  • Adventist Resource
    A supervisory and remedial reading program in a Seventh-day Adventist elementary school Kindergarten-Grade 8
    Statement of the problem: It was the purpose of this study (1) to examine the objectives of the reading program in the Seventh-day Adventist elementary school in terms of its philosophy of education, (2) to determine the best methods of meeting these...

  • Adventist Resource
    Helping College Students Who Read Poorly Tertiary-Lifelong
    This article discusses issues in remedial reading for college students. College teachers need to be flexible, firm, and analytical when dealing with students who have reading problems, at the same time providing an atmosphere where learning can take place....

  • Adventist Resource
    Meeting At-Risk Students Kindergarten-Grade 4
    This article discusses two methods of working with students in reading: Reading Recovery and Accelerated Reader. The first method involves working with at-risk students throughout the school year teaching reading skills. The second method, a computerized reading...