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  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Archives Grade 9-Lifelong
    Search all materials produced by the General Conference including magazines, books, original documents, images, dissertations, and more!

  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Review Grade 9-Lifelong
    Looking for ways to connect your students with Adventist service needs around the globe? A quick search of online Review articles could provide a rich variety of new options, all at a click. Review articles include news, mission reports, feature doctrinal issues, personal growth, church life, current issues and more.

  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Theological Society - ATS Tertiary-Lifelong
    The Adventist Theological Society (ATS) is an international, professional, nonprofit organization established as a theological resource for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Archived and current articles are all available online for both ATS publications:...

  • Adventist Resource
    Adventist Today Grade 9-Lifelong
    "Adventist Today (AT) is an independent journalism ministry serving the global Adventist community and readers interested in a reliable source of information about the Adventist faith and institutions."

  • Adventist Resource
    Dialogue - Nurturing the Minds of Adventist College and University Students Tertiary-Lifelong
    This short article outlines the purpose of the journal, Dialogue, which reaches 250,000+ Adventist students who attend public institutions of higher learning.

  • Adventist Resource
    Earliest Seventh-day Adventist Periodicals Tertiary-Lifelong
    This book reproduces the first doctrinal and apologetic publications of the small group of Sabbatarian Adventists who emerged from the Millerite movement. "The scholar's introduction by George R. Knight traces the historical development of the use of...

  • Adventist Resource
    GC Archives & Statistics Kindergarten-Lifelong
    The General Conference Archives and Statistics Office manages the records center and archives of the Adventist denomination's world headquarters. The Adventist Organizational Directory and Yearbook Online, Adventist Archives with fully searchable historical...

  • Adventist Resource
    JAE Editorial: We Are Digital! Kindergarten-Tertiary
    In this editorial, learn why the journal transitioned from a physical to a digital magazine. Articles in this issue include:

    Understanding, Serving and Educating Students...

  • Adventist Resource
    Laymen Ministries Catalog Kindergarten-Lifelong
    A wide range of Adventist print and media publications can be purchased online through this independent ministry.

  • Adventist Resource
    Message Magazine Kindergarten-Lifelong
    A Christian magazine of contemporary issues.

  • Adventist Resource
    SDA Periodical Index Grade 1-Lifelong
    The Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index provides indexing to approximately 40 Seventh-day Adventist journals and magazines. The index is produced at the James White Library, Andrews University under the auspices of the Association of Seventh-day Adventist...

  • Adventist Resource
    Signs of the Times Grade 9-Lifelong
    A monthly magazine that invites readers to live as Christians in modern North American society and offers news, tips, and articles to help them do so. Published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, it emphasizes Christ’s second advent and the prophecies...