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CIRCLE Resource Entry & Review Form

Let's collaborate! From an Adventist world view, contribute and review a resource you have used to teach some level of Seventh-day Adventist education, or that you recommend as valuable to a school library for independent student reading. All entries will be screened before showing in CIRCLE categories.

Section 1: Resource Details

ISBN or other standard product number:
Publication/Production date:
Religious origin:
Adventist Other Christian Secular/other worldview
Length (pages/minutes):
Intended Audience:
Administrator Teacher Student School Board Parent/Other Adult
Grade/interest level (enter range, lowest-highest):
Resource description or summary (1-3 paragraphs, include list of any materials that a

Resource type:
Archival Materials (e.g. historical documents) Presentations, Policies & Plans
Books & Booklets Media Files (e.g. software)
Equipment (e.g. building/plant, consumables) Internet (e.g. lessons, websites, simulations/games)
Musical Scores Reference Materials (e.g. maps, dicitonaries, encyclopedias)
Serial Publications (e.g. journals) Sound Records (e.g. audio books, music)
Translations (i.e. of resources in another language) Visual Materials (e.g. multimedia, photos)

Resource objective or purpose:
Administration Assessment Curriculum Devotional
Instructional Lesson Plan Unit/Course Plan Student Activity
Professional Growth Lifelong Learning (e.g. informal)

As applicable, check all character traits this resource positively demonstrates (Ment
Active Listening/Communication Caring/Kindness/Love Cooperation
Courage Curiosity/Learning Encouragement/Gratitude/Joyful
Excellence/Personal Best Faith/Trust in God Flexibility
Friendship Grace/Forgiveness/Acceptance Healthful/Temperance/Modesty
Honesty/Truthfulness Humility/Repentance Initiative/Industry/Common Sense
Integrity/Trustworthy Obedience Organization/Time Management
Patience/Peacemaker Resourcefulness/Problem Solving Respect/Reverence
Responsibility/Faithfulness Self Control/Unselfishness Sense of Humor
Service/Servant Leader Stewardship/Ecology/Economy

Section 2: Your Review

The following fields add your personal review of this item from an Adventist worldview. While geared to book reviews, these fields may be used (omit what does not fit) for reviews of any other resource type.
Your name and position:
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Approximate reading level (enter grade range):
Literary genre (fiction or nonfiction, childrens literature - picture or chapter book
Themes or content areas/subjects to use this resource with:
Potential causes for concern, or cautions against using this when teaching from an Ad