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resources recommended for NAD Science 7-8B Unit 1 Chapter 1

  • Christian Resource
    Critical Reading of Original Articles in Health Grade 10-Lifelong
    The ultimate goal of developing research in medicine and public health, and of communicating its results, is to use that knowledge as a basis for professional practice. Because research-based practice depends on the findings of published scientific studies,...

  • Adventist Resource
    Dry Doesn't Mean Boring - Scientific Process Lesson Plan Grade 3-Grade 6
    Using dry ice students ask questions and learn the steps of the scientific process. Activities include freezing bubbles, making a spoon scream, making very cold water, and turning lemonade into a carbonated beverage. Each activity follows the steps in the...

  • Adventist Resource
    Scientific Observation Form Grade 3-Grade 6
    This is a very simple data sheet that introduces students to scientific writing. They used this sheet to collect data and then later it was used to do write-ups. This was the first step – getting them to realize they need to be watching and collecting....