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    Adventist Educators Speak - Insights on Educating for Eternity Preschool-Tertiary New!!
    Download the Adventist Educators Blog’s first book compilation, Adventist Educators Speak: Insights on Educating for Eternity, published by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. This book is available as a free resource for all Adventist...

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    Caring for God's Animal Creations - Ethical Principles Kindergarten-Lifelong New!!
    This JAE column summarizes three orienting premises from Winslow's chapter entitled, "What Christian Principles Guide Our Relations With Animals?" in the book Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care.

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    JAE Editorial: Eternity in Our Sight Preschool-Tertiary New!!
    "This special issue of The Journal of Adventist Education (JAE) is part of a long-standing tradition. Each quinquennium, a special General Conference issue featuring education reports from each division of the Seventh-day Adventist world church...

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    Pressing Forward, Together Preschool-Tertiary New!!
    "Education was placed in the driver’s seat during the 2015-2020 quinquennium. The annual 2016 LEAD conference led the way with the theme of 'Educating for Eternity.' Education, viewed in the context of the great conflict between good and evil, is...

Adventist Learning Community Resources

Teaching Online in K-12

Study modes of online delivery, how to deliver a quality experience, and how to design content, assessment, and human interaction. 1.0 CEU 

Spirit of Prophecy

Give a biblical basis for confidence in Ellen White's writings, better understand inspiration, be equipped to provide answers to objections to White's prophetic ministry, understand her cultural milieu, and become a better-informed agent to pass on that understanding. 2.0 CEU

Technology for 21st Century Learning

Explore proposals for the development of 21st century skills and how web based technologies can be utilized to help engage today's learners while preparing them for a future characterized by change. 2.4 CEU

Coaching Distinctively Adventist Sports

Learn principles to help coaches and school leaders establish and clarify the mission and purpose for their interschool sports program, and equip them to put those values into practice with their teams. 2.0 CEU

Seventh-day Adventist Educators Blog

How Adventist Teachers Connect

Posted on Thursday August 27, 2020

Most people will undoubtedly acknowledge that the teaching and learning landscape has changed significantly in the last few decades. This shift in educational practice is partly due to the increase and prevalence of technology, globalization, and digitalization. In 21st century learning, teachers intentionally encourage collaboration, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, global awareness, and other key skills in … Continued

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El pueblo adventista y el sello distintivo en la educación

Posted on Wednesday August 26, 2020

Pensar en el pueblo adventista implica pensar en un pueblo con características particulares que se distingue por varias cosas.

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Spiritual Growth: Small Dreams Large Enough to Live By

Posted on Monday August 24, 2020

An Adventist Educator reflects on education and spiritual growth, drawing on experiences in the classroom and suggesting goals.

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Dialogue Volume 32, Number 1

Posted on Thursday August 20, 2020

How should Adventists approach military service? Read thoughts on this topic and much more in this issue of College and University Dialogue.

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