Research on Adventist Education

This CD features 14 annotated bibliographies, organizing all discovered research on Adventist education by topic and level. Researchers with Endnotes software will value the full library.

Full text is included on this CD for 98 studies, and available through subscription databases online for most others. To learn more about criteria used to include research in this first compilation, and recommendations for future research, click here.

Don't miss key articles and presentations for Adventist teacher certification, or links to the top 20 Adventist websites for educators.

Annotated Bibliographies

Administration studies  pdf rtf  
Curriculum & teaching studies pdf rtf
Educator studies pdf rtf
Development and training studies pdf rtf
Faith integration studies pdf rtf
Health & wellness studies pdf rtf
Historical studies pdf rtf
NAD CognitiveGenesis studies pdf rtf
NAD Profile studies pdf rtf
Parent studies pdf rtf
Socio-psychological studies pdf rtf
Spiritual development studies pdf  rtf
ValueGenesis studies pdf rtf
La investigación en español pdf rtf

Endnotes Library

SDAedResearch.enl includes detailed entries for 522 theses, articles and reports. Endnotes X3 software is needed to access this library. Researchers will find this time-saving tool valuable in managing bibliographies and in-text referencing of research on Seventh-day Adventist education.

Online Updates

All these studies are also linked online through Circle's Adventist Education Research sections. If you know of research not included, please submit it to Circle, or email info to